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I did this recently, but time for another roll-call:

http://waitingforcaption.tumblr.com/ Photos, no captions, no comments; taken by me, left you y’all to tag and share if they appeal. I will post only my own photos for this (I have…thousands of pictures to share, most not going to make it to my DeviantArt, so, let others enjoy, right?)

http://ravensintheeyes.tumblr.com/ Crows, Ravens, Corvids, etc…I love them all, and this blog is about them (I will likely end up doing one about rats as well…possibly Octopi).

http://www.tumblr.com/tumblelog/gamertales My geek cred, all things Role-playing Games (been kinda slack this past week, I move in waves is my only defense).